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dizfoley's Journal

18 December 1984
External Services:
  • dizfoley@livejournal.com
Hi there. The name's Diz and I mostly use LJ for the communities.

Once in a blue moon, I may post something here,
but if you really wanted to follow or get to know more about me,
check out my FA page.


I'm not sure how I should go about describing myself, but I figure I can post some of my interests here and let you all sort it out. :P

Favorite Color: Orange
Favorite Movie: The Rock
Favorite Band: Foo Fighters
Favorite Song: "Bitter Sweet Symphony" by The Verve
Favorite Sport to Play: Frisbee Golf
Favorite Sport to Watch: Football
Favorite Team: The Chicago Bears

Fancy Furcode
FCMf3acd A+ C+ Dm++ H+ M- P++ R- T++++ W-- Z- Sm RLS* a cn++ d+ e++ f- h* i++ j+ p sm-